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Happy Family

Covered as low as $20/mo

What to Know

Mortgage protection insurance is an affordable term life insurance policy designed for homeowners. You can choose how long you need coverage and find a rate that fits your budget. This type of life insurance ensures your family can stay in your home in the event of death or significant income loss.

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7 in 10 American Households

are dependent on two incomes

Benefits of Mortgage Protection Insurance

Easy Application

No medical exam required, apply in minutes online or with the help of a Quility insurance advisor


Rates as low as $20/month


Coverage can last until your mortgage is paid off – the timing is up to you

Mortgage Protection


Home Owners

See just how affordable mortgage protection insurance rates can be

Young Couple

Meet Jerry L.

He’s 32 and recently married with a child on the way.

Coverage: $100,000

Term: 30 years

Rate: $22/month

With mortgage protection insurance, Jerry and his family could have coverage until their mortgage is paid off.

Christmas Preparations

Meet Caroline A.

Caroline and her partner are both 29. They are non-smokers in excellent health.

Coverage: $100,000

Term: 20 years

Rate: $14/month

This affordable insurance solution would help to reduce financial hardship if Caroline suddenly passed away.

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Meet Miguel C.

He’s 40, has three children and makes a mortgage payment every month.

Coverage: $150,000

Term: 15 years

Rate: $23/month

Mortgage protection insurance would enable Miguel’s loved ones to keep up with mortgage payments in the event of his death.

Peace of Mind

When you purchase mortgage protection insurance with Quility – either online or with the support of our trusted insurance advisors – you are choosing peace of mind, knowing that mortgage payments wouldn’t burden your loved ones if you pass away or face income loss due to a critical illness or disability. Make the choice to protect your family from losing your home and start your mortgage protection application today.

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